• Boiler Suit Relief Long, 2016, Boiler suits, wax, threadInstallation view at The River Waveney Sculpture Trail, Norfolk
    31 August 2016

    Sophie Giller's blog post from her studio bursary at One Thoresby Street

    I’m not the only person my age to burn themself out physically trying to live in London and pay rent on a house, studio, and still have a social life; trying to hold down a service job where they say ‘take some painkillers, I can’t cover your shift’.
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  • Stella, 2015, Bronze
    8 August 2016

    Blog Post: Jemma Egan

    My work for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016, Stella, is an enlarged coffee cup lid, based on a lid I found in Canada a couple of years ago. I was walking down the street and just saw it - the lid - this small goofy face looking up at me. I walked past it that day but when I passed it again the next day I picked it up and kept it.
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