• Matt Copson, Reynard by Numbers (feat. M Honey), 2013. Coloured pen on paper
    22 October 2014

    Matt Copson Blog Post

    Greetings pats and plebs,

    Now where was I? Ah, yes: Everyone I’ve ever known and loved is dead. I live in a cave. I was abandoned as a child. I’m gluten intolerant. I’ve been drowned at birth, impaled in infancy, blinded in adolescence and ceaselessly castrated, maimed, slow-cooked and slaughtered in my middle-age.

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  • Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014, World Museum Liverpool
    13 October 2014

    Bloomberg New Contemporaries / Artquest Support Programme

    Bloomberg New Contemporaries and Artquest are partnering on a programme designed to assist UK artists with opportunities and to develop strategies for sustainability through an understanding of where their practice fits within the current arts ecology.
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