• Matt Copson, Reynard by Numbers (feat. T.J), 2013. Coloured pen on paper
    23 July 2014

    Matt Copson Blog Post

    Dear Peasants,
    I have been commanded to explain myself, once again. My jury wants to know the HOW, WHAT and WHY of my present predicament. And the truth is…I really don’t know. I am but a mere bystander, ducking and diving as the parade charges recklessly around hairpin bends.
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  • Stacey Guthrie, Disarmed and Ever So Slightly Dangerous, 2013. Still from video
    23 July 2014

    Stacey Guthrie Blog Post

    I have to confess, I didn’t take my original submission to Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 awfully seriously. On graduating I had decided I needed to embark upon a programme of measures aimed at toughening myself up and learning to embrace rejection.
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  • Second Round of Selection
    2 July 2014

    Bloomberg New Contemporaries Secure Arts Council England National Portfolio Funding

    New Contemporaries is pleased to announce that its bid to Arts Council England for National Portfolio funding 2015 - 2018 has been successful. An annual grant of £117, 789 has been offered over the three-year period.
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