• Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014, ICA, London. © Mark Blower
    15 December 2014

    Submissions for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015

    Submissions for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 will open 12 January, closing 8 February 2015.
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  • Tess Vaughan, Artefact Artifact, 2013. Concrete.
    20 November 2014

    Bloomberg New Contemporaries moves to ICA

    To accompany this years exhibition, a programme of performances and events will run alongside Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 at the ICA.
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  • Frieze Writer's Prize 2014
    3 November 2014

    New Contemporaries Blog: Frieze Writer's Prize 2014

    What makes a good piece of writing? What makes a good piece of art writing? It's hard to say exactly. I have spent many long, coffee-doused nights at my computer screen wishing that I had cracked the perfect formula, so that it would come easily – impeccable, repeatable – every time I sit down to start a piece.
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  • Matt Copson, Reynard by Numbers (feat. M Honey), 2013. Coloured pen on paper
    22 October 2014

    Matt Copson Blog Post

    Greetings pats and plebs,

    Now where was I? Ah, yes: Everyone I’ve ever known and loved is dead. I live in a cave. I was abandoned as a child. I’m gluten intolerant. I’ve been drowned at birth, impaled in infancy, blinded in adolescence and ceaselessly castrated, maimed, slow-cooked and slaughtered in my middle-age.

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  • Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014, World Museum Liverpool
    13 October 2014

    Bloomberg New Contemporaries / Artquest Support Programme

    Bloomberg New Contemporaries and Artquest are partnering on a programme designed to assist UK artists with opportunities and to develop strategies for sustainability through an understanding of where their practice fits within the current arts ecology.
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  • Stacey Guthrie, Good Girls Don't Wear Trousers, 2014. Still from video
    29 September 2014

    Stacey Guthrie Blog Post

    So, we had our grand opening at the World Museum in Liverpool on Friday the 19th of September. I hadn’t realised just how grand the World Museum is until I went past it earlier that day on an open-top tourist bus. I was unable to stop myself exclaiming something that sounded like ‘Moly Twit!’ and as everyone turned to look at the over-excited, expleting woman at the back, I wanted to point and say “I’ve got work in there!”.
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