Copyright/Copywrong: The Ethics of Intellectual Property

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Copyright/Copywrong: The Ethics of Intellectual Property

ICA, London

4 December 2013

This talk focuses on the ethical and moral issues that arise in the various debates around intellectual property - specifically as it relates to artistic practice.

Although issues of intellectual property have been hugely relevant to artistic practices prior to the advent of the Internet - collage, appropriation, found material, collaboration, to name a few elements - the digital realm and editing software allow these processes to happen more easily and more immediately, with the results widely distributed instantaneously. As digital natives become more and more comfortable with the way images and ideas are manipulated and circulated online, questions of intellectual property stand to become lost and overlooked. What are the ramifications of losing sight of such issues, not only in terms of legality but also the ethics? The discussion will address the various challenges of working in the network and assess their implications for personal and social values and behaviour.

The panel is chaired by Jaime Stapleton, speakers include lawyers Daniel McClean and Noor Kadhim, Russel Martin from Artquest and artist Erica Scourti. 

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