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  • Image: Mark Whitaker

    The Trouble with Sculpture

    19 January 2011

    Given its capacity to originate and absorb the conventions of art in so many ways, is sculpture viable as a category in contemporary art? And is the term any longer relevant to artists? Joining the discussion will be artists Martina Schmücker, Haroon Mirza, Keith Wilson and Nathaniel Mellors as well as curator and chair of New Contemporaries Sacha Craddock.
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  • Image: Mathieu Copeland, Burn The Heretics, 2000-2001

    New Contemporaries Archive Films

    11 December 2010 - 8 January 2011

    To accompany the return of New Contemporaries to the ICA, Sacha Craddock, Chair of he Board of New Contemporaries, selects a programme from the New Contemporaries films archives of the past ten years.
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  • Image: Sixteen Miles of String by Marcel Duchamp

    The Trouble with Curating

    9 December 2010

    The verb to ‘curate’ is a recent addition to the lexicon of the art world. How has the role of the curator developed and, as the boundaries are increasingly blurred between the artist and the curator, is there a fundamental difference of position between artist and curator? Curator and writer Andrew Renton chairs the discussion with the Director of The Showroom Emily Pethick, Tate Britain Director Penelope Curtis, artist Steven Claydon and lecturer, and Pavel Buchler.
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  • Image: Bruce McLean, Ambre Solaire, 1982

    The Trouble With Painting

    18 November 2010

    Why do artists continue to paint? Does painting have an intrinsic value? Or an enduring relevance because of its potential for innovation and influence on other forms of art making?
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