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1999 / Artists

  • D.J. Simpson, Year 1 (Detail), alkyd based oil paint on plywood. photoraphy Edward Woodman

    Artist 1999

    D.J. Simpson

  • Louise Spence, Maddle Farm, photograph

    Artist 1999

    Louise Spence

  • Louise Spence, Home-ology A Mobile Home Museum, caravan

    Artist 1999

    Jayne Stokes

  • Francis Summers, Sqaure Head, Pale Face, video

    Artist 1999

    Francis Summers

  • Julian Walker, Collection: Liverpool City Museum, May 1941For Liverpool, I have considered the warehouse in terms of its role in creating the wealth of the city and what this wealth created and what happened to it. The City Museums acquired the collections of the 13th Earl of Derby in 1851 and Joseph Mayer in 1867. From the Shell Guide to England, 1970 'Liverpool became famous for its ivories, gold and jewelry (sic), plant collections, fossils and the Derby colection of birds. The original museum building perished in May 1941, with valuable material'. I would like to research the identity of this lost material. I feel there is an element of these obejcts being brought together by the destructive experience they were subejcted to, as if this extreme event made a single entity out of what was previously separated by taxonomy. 

    Artist 1999

    Julian Walker

  • Nicole Wermers, Palisades, video projection

    Artist 1999

    Nicole Wermers