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1999 / Artists

  • Nick Laessing, Vibrating Chandelier, photography Edward Woodman

    Artist 1999

    Nick Laessing

  • Kenny Macleod, Robbie Fraser, video

    Artist 1999

    Kenny Macleod

  • Stefanie Marshall, Adobe Dolls (detail), rag, adobe, human hair, straw, banana skins, urine, molasses, pigment. photography Edward Woodman.

    Artist 1999

    Stefanie Marshall

  • Tim Meara, Storyville, digital cibachrome

    Artist 1999

    Tim Meara

  • Nathaniel Mellors, Car Park Cosmology (Three Way Extension), DIY assemblage with video surveillance

    Artist 1999

    Nathaniel Mellors

  • Luke Oxley, One Thing On My Mind, neon sign, books, videos.

    Artist 1999

    Luke Oxley

  • Katie Pratt, Burgerham 2998, oil on canvas. photography Edward Woodman.

    Artist 1999

    Katie Pratt

  • Peter Richards, Another Day, Another History of Performance Art (detail), unique pinhole photograph. Commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts, Public Sightings Project, for Photo 98.

    Artist 1999

    Peter Richards

  • Gaylie Runciman, 32 hours, video

    Artist 1999

    Gaylie Runciman