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1999 / Artists

  • Athanasios Argianas, See Through, silicone rubber (photography Edward Woodman)

    Artist 1999

    Athanasios Argianas

  • Charles Birch, Scapegoat

    Artist 1999

    Charlie Birch

  • David Blandy, Ring, video projection

    Artist 1999

    David Blandy

  • Cleo Broda, Proposal For Liverpool: Location Guide (Subject Pending)

    Artist 1999

    Cleo Broda

  • K. R. Buxey, Legion, video projection

    Artist 1999

    K. R Buxey

  • Louise Camrass, St Valentine's Day, stills from film

    Artist 1999

    Louise Camrass

  • Kentaro Chiba, Life Scroll (detail) (photography Edward Woodman)

    Artist 1999

    Kentaro Chiba

  • Ben Cook, The Passion of the Red Army, in the collection of Trevor Johnson, VIA Communications, photography Edward Woodman

    Artist 1999

    Ben Cook

  • Richard Cuerdon, The Mechanics of Performance, video

    Artist 1999

    Richard Cuerden