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1996 / Artists

  • Monika Oechsler, still from Goldiggers, 1995. video installation

    Artist 1996

    Monika Oechsler

  • Gary Perkins, The kind of prizes money just can't buy, 1995. 1/20 scale kitchen, CCTV cameras, 12inch picture monitor, image supplied by the artist

    Artist 1996

    Gary Perkins

  • Monika Pirch, still from Exercise, 1995. 9.40min video

    Artist 1996

    Monika Pirch

  • Rosemanry Toner, still from Why is it that sometimes I feel horny and don't understand why until later?, 1994. video

    Artist 1996

    Rosemary Toner

  • Leeds United, 12 hours 12 pubs 12 pints, 1995. images supplied by Leeds United.Most of our work exists as disparate activities or entities, separated by both time and space, site and non-site, operating in the gap between the social domain and the aesthetic realm. They are often essentially unclassifiable except in terms of abstract conceptual links.Our present concerns lie with the apparatus that surrounds the reception of the art object, rather than the object itself and the notion of the opening, or preview. Its relationship to the night-out or piss-up has become central to our concerns as artists.

    Artist 1996

    Leeds United

  • Alex Veness, Peters Court 21-29, 1995. oil on C Type photo on canvas, 116x80.5cm

    Artist 1996

    Alex Veness